Rev. Cynthia Cross

I am reading a book that is titled: “Acts- Prayer That Can Change Your
Church”, by Toby Lofton. The very first chapter is “Vision”. The writer
presents two very important questions when a church tries to discern its
 What do you really want for your church?
 What do you desire more than anything else for your church?
These two questions could be seen as two ways of asking the same
question. What do you desire so much for your church that you will do
whatever it takes to accomplish it? The author, Toby Loftin says: “ Desires
create visions. A true vision is nothing more than a desire.”
Aldersgate, I ask you as you go before our God in your daily prayers, what
do you desire for your church? What are you willing to do for that desire to
be realized in the here and now ? In your prayer time, pray for the mission
of your church. Pray for the needs of the community that the church
serves. Pray for an unction of the Holy Spirit to empower your church with
whatever is needed for your desire for your church to be met! God is able,
but are you willing?

Let us pray for a vision from God to answer our prayers for continuing to
move forward to make disciples! Let us pray daily with prayers of
supplication, continually asking, that God’s Will be done here at Aldersgate!

In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!